Masterkeys – Continuation – Turning problems into Opportunities

I had an amazing experience about 10 days ago.  I was walking along a city street at lunch time and I tripped and fell, landing on my left knee and left elbow and wrist and THEN BOUNCED /ROLLED onto my right knee, hip and wrist and elbow, the hip taking the brunt of the fall.  I had a lace top on under my over jacket and blazer and the lace left an imprint in my left elbow – red colour – but no broken skin.  The bracelet on my right hand marked my wrist – red but no broken skin.  I just wanted to lay on the ground and not move.  I was scared to get up, but did so and strangers helped me sit down.  Kindness everywhere.

My whole body was very sore and I decided to wait a couple of days for the pain to ease before I went to the osteopath to be adjusted.  I expected to be black and blue with bruises and it just did not happen.  My hip was sore and the muscles in my right limbs were sore as well.

I couldn’t work out why I felt so good after such a crashing fall on the hard pavement.

Then I remembered.  I had for the past so many months been saying at least 5 times a day:


I went to the osteopath 2 days ago and he massaged my body and clicked it back into place and for all intents and purposes, I do not appear to need to go back for this mishap.

The irony is I wanted to talk to him about my business and I had been wondering how I would get in front of him again to bring the subject up.



Having crashed as I did, I rehearsed well what I intended to say to him to engender sufficient interest to have him look at my material.  I was going to make sure I got it right and get some value for my crashing experience.

So during the consult, here i am, face down on the treatment couch, I brought the subject up and he agreed to look at my material and we arranged for me to follow up, as the treatment was completed. As Davene says – Go Use The Skills  – G U T S.






MASTERKEYS – Continuation – The Value of NARC

During the MKMMA I acknowledged the power of NARC and wrote out an index card to read the basic points of NARC each day and declared that I would use NARC.  Scary!  Too scary!  Haven’t used NARC but keep reading the card.  Well push came to shove.  I set a service for myself that I would update my family tree and screwed up an A4 copy of my movie poster and threw it in the waste basket.  That was nearly 3 weeks ago.  A week passed and I hadn’t achieved my service – so once again I am asking myself – Do I just put a X next to task on my index card and set another service/task – or do I keep going until I have achieved what I had promised myself I would do?

But there was a problem Houston – I had exercised NARC!  I wasn’t allowed to take my movie trailer out of the waste basket.  So the answer was clear.  That was two weeks ago and my movie trailer is still in the waste basket.

I had a very distant  relative contact me through my family tree telling me about one of my father’s brothers.  Two days later,  my second cousin, the granddaughter of my father’s sister, contacted me.  There is a deep rift involving my father’s family which my mother has carried with her from the time I could understand and probably long before that.

I spoke to my cousin and they had been reticent to contact me, because they thought I may also be entertaining this rift.  She asked me if I had spoken to my mother and I was up front and said I don’t think my mother would like to know about it.  And my cousin said she would tell me why and that there was plenty to tell – but it was too late in the evening.  All for another time.

However, I have been looking for the identity of some people I an old family photo and I think they may be my (recently found) cousin and her sister.  As at the time of publishing, these people have indeed been identified as my cousin and her sister.  Who would have thought that the power of NARC would manifest in this manner?

So there is the value of NARC and who would have even imagined something like this would come from a dream on a piece of paper, screwed up, thrown in the waste, not to be retrieved until I had kept my promise to myself?


MASTERKEYS – Continuation – What happened to my DMP?

It’s interesting that we are now in the continuation phase of the MK experience and we are hopefully gaining more moment with our DMP.  Well mine hit the skids for a couple of days.

Last weekend my partner and I took a walk past the house I wish to purchase and rebuild upon the land.  I’d been past a couple of times by myself and this time my partner was with me.  It had been left vacant for quite a while as the neighbor advised the owner was overseas.  So I just enjoyed going past and having a bit of a look and a dream.

Well this time, we got the fright of our lives.  A man came out of the house as we standing out the front.  Turns out he’s the owner of the house, back from overseas.  We chatted with him for a few minutes with me telling hi my father was born in the house in 1918.  About my family history, which has some impressive personalities in it and also about the responsible day job I have – trying to get a bit of credibility going here.

By the time I arrived home that evening, I had a sense of loss of the dream.  Someone had come back and claimed it and it burst my bubble.  It was OK when I was the person going to rescue the house, but that had all changed.  The house was supposed to be vacant and waiting for me.  What was I to do?  What did it all mean?  I thought I had lost my DMP.  Did I have to rewrite it?

Not knowing what to do next, I did what I had been doing during the whole course of the MKMMA experience – I continued with my reading, index cards, services, mental gym.  I was confused and told myself that this (feeling) too shall pass.  I told myself to stay on track and it will all be OK.

My partner drives a white Ford Territory wagon and when he has to rescue me from a flat car battery or to come and help me with something, I call him my “What Knight errent who drives a White steed”.  The point of all this is, that he suggested I should drive past the house every now and then and see if it is on the market.  I resisted this temptation as it was in fact tempting fate and I’m not ready to start negotiations.

Then I came I with the idea that my White Knight might now and then drive past unbeknown to me and if the circumstances changed he would get a message to me – that way my thoughts of worry of losing the house did not precipitate the outcome I did not wish to have.  My White Knight fully understood this and will send  a message through to me.

I felt comfort in this strategy as when I sit now, I really do understand the power of thought – especially since reading and listening to Davene read Week 25, with so much inspiration in her voice.

I sit and truly and deeply concentrate on what the house will look like, getting more and more detail and emotion and physical the feeling of sitting in each room and walking through the front door and going up the stairs and looking out on the night sky.  This is how I keep my DMP alive and have faith that the present owner of the house is its custodian.

So what happened to my DMP?  It’s still there – i was just thrown a curve ball.

MASTERKEYS – Commencement – Contentment

Like everyone who has embarked on the commencement, we have this week completed reading the Masterkeys and have moved towards self-direction by choosing what we continue to read.

My choice was to read and do the excercises in my Colour Code Personality Profile.  Interesting.  I am primarily BLUE with a secondary WHITE.  Valeska explained that melancholy in this sense means that I work things out internally.  I found contentment in this knowledge, and with the law of least effort – I practise acceptance.

One of the reasons for study the Personality Profile is to enhance our ability to relate to others by understanding them and relating to them better.  I find it difficult to analyse the personalities of different people.

So another tactic is to concentrate on developing in myself the strengths of the other colours – and the other colours should respond to me without me deliberately seeking them out.  Part of my DMP is that “a powerful aura emanates from me which people are attracted to.”

MASTERKEYS – Commencement – Purposely being happy

During the MKMMA experience I made comment that I had previously done the personality profile in Florence Littauer’s “Personality Plus” and I was predominently a Melancholy personality type – I took this as being one with a subdued outlook on life.   My partner is also very surprisingly a Melancholy – surprisingly, as he has such a positive outlook on life and a lot of stuff goes off his back like water – but he is a perfectionist – and that is where his Melancholy trait is revealed.  I, too, am a perfectionist.  So there was the common trait, each with a different spin.  I can be very outgoing in company and actively engage and participate in groups, but I quite enjoy my own company.

So is this Melancholy personality as a result of the old red pencil, old experiences, old conditioning?  Is it genetic?  Also, remember also I am one of the 3% of the population who endeavor to make changes in their lives – another thing I have a strong connection with my partner.

Florence L

I went to work embracing all I could of the MKMMA experience – readilngs – exercises – tangible and honour requirements.  We got to the week of giving ourselves permission to be happy.  I had already decided that I am HAPPY! and declared that at the end of the course I would do the test again, being convinced that I would be a different personality type.

I had also done the Colour Code Personality Science assessment and came up primarily a BLUE.  I am reading my profile and intend to work through the attached videos to see what they reveal.  This is really quite an adventure.

I have recently re-done “Personality Plus” and and have found myself still to be Melancholy – who was I kidding to think otherwise?  However it was still a bit of a shock which left me a bit flat for a couple of weeks.   Fancy an “introverted personality” feeling flat?

But having decided I am happy, I understood I also needed to keep my gratitude cards coming and looking for kindness and writing my daily journal.  These are the things which keep me happy.


So instead of leading a steady life of going to work, working on my business and being responsible – I decided to make my happiness each day.  Doing this, I have found that I am readily able to write up my gratitudes, journal and one I have added for my self, that being noting at least two kindnesses, and enjoy doing them and reading them.  I recognize the importance of maintaining the mental gym as it is freeing me up from being left handed and doing some things right handed because of social convenience.  Physically and mentally I am far more comfortable doing as much as possible in my left handed way.

I took my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter to the new “Muppets Most Wantede” movie and I had a good laugh all the way through.  My granddaughter followed the plot in as much as she knew that the “good Kermit” saved “the Pig” from marrying the “bad Kermit”.   We sat some of the time on the steps between the aisles, right up the back, so her little feet could touch the floor.  Sometimes she cuddled up on my lap.  Other times when she sat on the seat, she happily chatted to the lady next to her.  I told her that I was having fun and she made me happy.  Big smiles back and forth.


A couple of the key actors are Ricky Gervais and Tina Fey and they played their characters so seriously, it was absolutely comical.  You could be forgiven for believing Ricky Gervais dressed as the criminal “The Lemur” sitting behind the wheel of his car, could not have possibly seen himself in the mirror in costume, he played it so straight.

“And most of all, I [will] laugh at myself for man is most comical when he takes himself too seriously.”

(The Scroll Marked VII)

So each day I make a point of doing something which is fun, fun, fun.  (All work and no play – – -).  Printing up my photos and putting them on the wall and in albums – digital flash cards to enjoy.  This is my insurance for having something fulfilling to write on my journal card the next day – a purpetual circle of cause and effect.

So because I am melancholy, does not mean I am not happy – it means I am a perfectionist.  And I develop the perfect habit of keeping up with my new habits. Scroll VII goes on to say:

“Never [will] I labour to be happy; rather I [will] I remain too busy to be sad.”

MASTERKEYS – Commencement – Being the Observer

This has been an amazing week for me.  My second granddaughter was born on 9th April.  I am so grateful that I was able to mind my first granddaughter while her mummy and daddy went to hospital in the middle of the night.  My son woke me witha phone call at 5.15 am – 15 minutes after Chloe Louise arrived, mum and baby safe and well.  Dad as proud as – I cried, to have my granddaughter named after me.  I never in a milion years ever imaged a new life would be named after me

We all went to the hospital in the afternoon and I made sure I had some alone time with Alisha, Chloe’s big sister.  We went out into the garden and ate Cheesels – a snack that does’t rate a mention on my diet.  (Sometimes you have to break some rules.)  Alisha (3 1/2 years) said she wanted to see some “creatures”.  I said there were none there as it wasn’t a zoo.  Then Alisha said, “No, Nana – there’s a bird up there!”  (the observer).  Beautiful moment and I can still feel her cuddles as she sat on my lap.

We went inside again and I took some of the most beautiful photos – of my son cradling their new miracle and looking into her eyes like there was no one else in the room – of my daughter-in-law, cradling their new miracle and engaging totally with Alisha, looking at each other as if there was no one else in the room.

Have you ever been a fly on the wall.  These and a couple of other special photos will be my framed gift to them.

So as an observer and participant in these miracluous events, I noticed that my dedication was directed towards my family and I was (understandbly) distracted from my DMP – and some bad habits started to emerge again.  I thought I could manage a couple of days, but not so.

I dscovered that my mood was a little subdued –

“Inside me is a wheel, consitenly turning from sadness to joy, from exultation to depression, from happiness to melancoly.  … Today I am master of my emotions.”

(“The Scroll Marked VI)

“This too shall pass.”

(The Scrol Marked VII)

Herein lies the truth of self direciton – had I not made the commitment to myself to participate in the Commenement, I may not have kept reading the Scrolls in the dedicated many in which I have.  So I know it’s ok to feel a little flat; I have had a big week and I continue to be kind to myself.

There were two days where I did absolutely nothing toward my DMP.  And predicably almost, old habits who reside with the old blue print reared their ugly heads again.  But I realise and observe cause and effect.  So I have kept reading the MK, and sitting and reding the Greatest Salesman.  So what was missing?  Different things (some but not all) on different days – maybe some reading some index cards – “Do it now” – kindnesses – gratitudes – journal – mental gym, the Gal in the Glass.

One of the things I felt a little uncomfortable with was the Mental Gym.  I nearly took down the coloured shapes and I remembered my observation that because of the mental gym I am now doing things with my left hand that I should have naturally been doing, as I am left hand dominant.  Gone is the mental struggle to make my right hand do things to conform with social expectation, when that activity has no impact on anyone except me.  So the mental gym is stil there, for what else is it going to do for me?  I won’t know if i don’t use it.

So I took a few breaths and understood the completeness of the Master Keys and the formula which has been put in place for us to follow to break the addiction to the old blue print peptides – it is an addiction – no doubt at all.

So for the privilege of being a Charter member to the Master Keys, I honour that privilege with continuing to do the work.

MASTERKEYS – Commencement – Salvador Dali’s Clock

Well we got to the end of the MKMMA 6 months course. During the course we learned that a brain stretched by a new idea never returns to its original shape. I must say in the cool down period from the course I felt like my brain must have resembled the shape of one of Dali’s clock paintings. Stretched and reshaped, there was no way it would ever go back to its original shape. Thank goodness.


In the Scroll Marked VII we learn to laugh at the world. This is brilliant. I walk around my day job and just smile at those who I used to decide were upsetting me. I smile and they smile back – little do they know that they are adding grist to the mill for my early retirement.

I’m enjoying the Continuation work – doing it with pleasure. Enjoying what I achieved that which I set out to do.

I’m debriefing myself and revisiting the value of not expressing opinions as it fits with the Law of Least Effort.

I accept the universe as it is.

(No opinions)


I am responsible for what I say.

(No opinions)


I am defenceless.

(I have no opinion to defend.)

 – – – – – – – – – – –

I am being kind to myself. Letting go of fear and desire and social commitment (Campbell). Today I made a conscious decision to stop for a minute on my walk to work from the train station to connect my recording and listen to it on the way.

I took a whole minute to do this and the it extrapolated out to 19 minutes of listening to the recording, and all whom I encountered during the day received the benefit of my kindness to myself.

Social commitment is sometimes a lame excuse for not honestly answering the question:

“What is it I am pretending not to know?”

(That I really want to do some “other thing” other than that which I feel obliged to do right now.)

And also the question:

“What would the person I intend to be do next?”

(That “other thing” which progresses my DMP..)

Leading to the answer, which is:

 Follow my compass, of course.


(Which sure looks in much better shape than Salvador Dali’s clock.)



Week 24 – MASTERKEYS – What would it be like?


This is the question I have been struggling with for a few weeks as we come to the close of the MKMMA experience and enter the next phase of our learnings in the Commencement. What would it be like to not have a webinar each Monday morning and notes to read three times a day and notes to make on our index cards. What would it be like?

I had a taste of what it would be like. My internet failed in the second last week and I tried and tried to get it going so I could keep up with the comments and do my blog. I was disheartened and finally I could not even look at the homework. I felt like I had been cheated as I had dug really deep for the whole 6 months and achieved what I set out to do. And here I was, through no fault of my own, unable to complete the course. My reading slowed down as I justified this by telling myself I was putting in hours and hours trying to get my internet going, as without that, I couldn’t do anything.  I knew totally and completely the commitment required – don’t start it if you don’t want to finish it.

Then the internet problem was resolved. I managed to watch the Replay of Week 24 and the following videos. And I realised I was still in the course. AND I’d had a taste of what it would be like not doing all our reading. I am feeling a little empty and very, very grateful that this major stumbling block occurred when it did. I can now finish strong and proud.  And back into the life changing habits of reading and writing down promises which are services to myself and for the advancement of my business.  Continuing with new life changing habits.

During the 48 hours’ silence I put a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on my front door and had no communication with anyone for 48 hours. I slept when I wanted to and got up and worked on projects during the middle of the night and slept in the afternoon. I came out of the silence with a resolve to do it again and at least put sign up and sleep and work when I wanted to.

Amazingly enough, I have had two nights in the last 10 days where I had only a couple of hours’ sleep because I’d been working on more projects. I was driven to do my work and nothing was going to stop me. I so that’s a promise I kept sooner than I expected to. I had given myself permission to follow my compass.

I have found this journey to be the most amazing thing I have done in my life. My partner, who is quite an enigma, keeps saying I am a “particular type of personality” and I return the compliment to him, as he certainly is. When I met him years ago, he told me about his 500 acre farm and that he drives rally cars, bringing up his children by himself and working his business. I thought, “Here’s a man who’s not afraid of a $ sign with some zeros after it”. A lot of people are frightened of money. Not he.

We had a discussion today, and I explained to him that only 3% of people set out to change their lives from living in quiet desperation to living their life to its fullest potential. Which could possibly explain why I am a particular type of personality. I keep saying, “No one pays my bills and they don’t feed me” so I can do what I like as long as it’s not illegal and causes no harm to anyone. By natural attrition, as we get older, people fall out of the race and we emerge as part of the 3% who want to have a red hot go at life.

I have enjoyed immensely the MKMMA course and am truly thankful to my upline for recognising my potential to do Go90Grow (twice) and then take on the Masterkeys. I am also truly grateful for all of the work that Mark, Davene, Trish, Heather and other leaders have put in week after week and in setting up the course.

But most of all I would express my gratitude to the whole MKMMA community for this amazing experience which has a life only because of you.

So now we commence – – – –

WEEK 23 – MASTERKEYS – Towards Self Direction

This week we are asked to concentrate on the fact that we “are not a body with a spirit but a spirit with a body”. Pretty profound statement a few months ago. But now we know that this is true. That our spirit is within and the world without is a reflection of our inner self – how we are really living the life. We what we think about grows, what we forget atrophies. And if we are lacking in money the inference is either we are concentrating on poverty and what we think about grows, or there is a something blocking our ability to serve, as money after all is the manifestation of our service to others.

To overcome these blocks we have three new index cards concentrating on the Law of Least Effort:  Simple as:

1. Acceptance

     2. Responsibility         3. Defenselessness

– – – – – – – – –

“We win half the battle when we make up our minds to take the world as we find it, including the thorns.”

[ Orison Swett Marden – 1850-1924 ]

So ACCEPTANCE of where we are in the universe and our earthly surrounds means knowing that this moment is as it should be, as the whole universe is as it should be. So not to struggle against the whole universe. WOW true understanding that our thoughts have put us where we are right in this particular moment in time. If we want to change where we are with out lives – we must:




for our circumstances and surrounds and not be blaming anyone (including ourselves) and to change our thinking and concentrate our thoughts on what we want, what we truly want. What do I want? How am I going to get it?

By practising:



and relinquish the need to defend my point of view to be open to others’ viewpoints and have the self confidence (new BPB) and have no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view.

When I really think about these points, I feel emotionally quite liberated – the blocks are clearing.

Letting go and being defenseless – think about it – it must surely clear the blocks in the channels to receiving the riches that are waiting to be claimed


WEEK 22A – MASTERKEYS – 48 Hours of Silence

I was overwhelmed viewing the Week 22 interview of Joseph Campbell.  The catchphrase which really jumped out at me was Campbell saying to reach our own Nirvana we have to live without fear, desire and social commitment (I read this to be our own sense of obligation to others).

Social Commitment

I went into the 48 hours of silence with a sense of fear – I have my second grandchild due within 3 weeks and I of course am one of a few people on standby to mind the expectant parents’ little girl, my precious little granddaughter.

Desire was in there too, as I put my “Do Not Disturb” sign on the front door.  I was asking myself, “How am I going to do this?”  It’s OK to ask people not to knock, but it’s my self control which determines whether I put on the computer, pick up the phone or send a text.  So I turned the home phone off.  But I am being honest here, I left the mobile on and I would only answer if it was my son or daughter-in-law.  My mobile did not ring and I left it alone.  I decided not to drive the car – using brake lights and indicators – as this is sign language – and MJ specifically said “no sign language” or notes.  Took some planning.

So it took me a few hours to settle into my mini retreat at home.  I had decided that I would not be communicating with anyone.

I slept when I wanted to and got up when I wanted to. I had some things I had not had a chance to complete and I went about in pleasant silence with only my thoughts for company.  Achieved all sorts of things.  And then I realized, that for 48 hours I am free of social commitment. Meaning – to suggest just a few:

  • I don’t have to be the one to keep making contact with people.  They come to expect it and may become lazy in friendship; or they just drop off the radar;
  • I don’t have to volunteer being the organizer of an outing when it’s first suggested; someone else can do it for a change;
  • If I want to get up in the middle of the night and work on a project, I can – and then sleep in the afternoon; and the best one is
  • If I want to put “DO NOT DISTURB” on my door, I can and I will.

Visit ourselves

Do we not live our lives like an elastic band being rolled and twisted and stretched to extremes in the name of social commitment? 

Bodily Stretched

The 48 hours gave me a chance to acknowledge that I have the answer to the question, “What is it I am pretending not to know?”  I had been contemplating further study beyond the MKMMA course for every Saturday over the next 2 years at a considerable cost.  My partner questioned this but I’m pretty headstrong so he let it go – he’s pretty cool like that.  He didn’t interfere with my liberty to think it through.  The 48 hours gave me time to realize that it was my old blueprint acting up.  If I do this course, it will be a self fulfilling prophesy which will take me away from succeeding in my MLM business.  Also the money could be put to better use.  So then begs the question:

What am I going to study?

The  Week 22A video of the Science of Getting Rich demonstrated to me that there is a huge difference between offering a service or item to someone which will be to their benefit and help grow my MLM business OR giving something for the sake of giving and ensuring the receiver will get more from it than the cash value of it.  Growing knowledge and wealth, in the flow of giving and receiving.

I then came to realize that I am entering yet another abyss, having trodden on my old blueprint which was trying to distract me by doing another course.  So I decided to let go of this form of fear.  I intend to go into the silence periodically to recharge myself and unwind that elastic band.  When I feel a little wound up, I now know what to do –  just chill out a bit, baby.

I also had a chance finally to understand the paradigm of “living by the compass”.  Too stretched to fully understand it prior to the silence, but now I do understand it and the comfort zone has been stretched instead of my elastic band we shall call “my social commitment, adorned with a spot of fear and desire”.

So what would the person I intend to be do next? 

Study “The Science of Getting Rich”, of course!